Newfoundland In Winter Has a Rare Warmth

Newfoundland In Winter Has a Rare Warmth by Bill VanderfordIn recent times, I have often ventured into some urban areas of Canada where I was only tolerated by the population, but certainly not welcomed. Therefore, during a trip to Newfoundland, it was extremely refreshing to find a population of Canadians that were warm and welcoming! It would be difficult to locate any place on the globe where the experiences of meeting and interacting with the people would stand alone as a good reason to visit.

In a time when many people think only of themselves, it is so different to discover a people who are genuine, uncomplicated, creative, honest, spontaneous and fun-loving to the bone! They never forget the really important things in life…family, good friends and good times.

Beyond the wonderful populace and countryside that has changed little in more than a hundred years, the raw, natural beauty of Newfoundland is simply breathtaking…especially during the winter and early spring! Beneath the untouched blanket of snow lies a geological tapestry that would rival any other region in the world.

Throughout the globe, the Gros Morne area is highly regarded for its complex geology and stunning scenery. It was here that geologists proved the theory of plate tectonics. The Tablelands, a mountain of flat-topped rock of a kind usually found only deep in the earth’s mantle, is an awe inspiring sight when covered with snow. Most of this area of Newfoundland is part of an ancient seafloor and preserved ocean avalanches that were exposed by the collision of the Earth’s tectonic plates 500 million years ago. Gros Morne National Park offers this unique geological history and during the winter, the snow and ice produces a winter wonderland where you can Nordic ski, snowshoe and ice climb.

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