Miami man accused of poaching 23-point deer

A man from Miami is accused of illegally shooting and killing a large deer on state land Wednesday. Mario Palacio, 54, faces two felony charges of trespassing on a construction site and trespassing by lethal projectile. He was on state land in Indiantown with a gun.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Christine Christofek said the deer was a 23-point buck, meaning a male deer with large antlers. She said the buck might be among the largest in the state.

Martin County sheriff’s Sgt. Kevin Kryzda said around 8:20 p.m. Wednesday, he saw Palacio shining light into a deer’s eyes in the 18000 block of Southwest Citrus Boulevard in Indiantown. The action stuns a deer so it is easier to kill.

When Kryzda tried to tell Palacio that he was trespassing on a construction site, Palacio got into his truck and drove off, said Kryzda, who regularly patrols the area.

“For anybody who has any care for white-tailed (deer) hunting or any passion for it, the idea here is to honor the deer as much as we can and it’s disgusting that somebody would go out there and take a deer this way,” Kryzda said. Continue reading –