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Mepps The Fishing Line NEWSLETTERMepps lures has a long history of helping anglers catch lake, state and world records, not to mention the thousands of Trophy, Master and Expert Anglers we’ve qualified through our Mepps Master Angler Program.  

Over this past summer, a #3 Mepps helped a Virginia angler Mepps #3 Agliacatch a world record for a species, that admittedly, we haven’t had much experience with. Just goes to show, ALL fish will hit a Mepps!
Angler, Luis Aragon caught a 17 lb., 12 oz. northern snakehead on May 20th, while fishing Quantico Creek in northern Virginia. The new world record crushed a Mepps #3 Aglia, silver blade with a white tail. Aragon’s fish beat the old world record of 17 lb., 6 oz. which was caught in the same area, just one year earlier.

Congratulations to Luis and thanks for choosing Mepps lures!





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Discontinued Products Limited Quantities… Chances are you can still get that Mepps legacy lure you just can’t find anywhere else. All lures are brand new and in their original packaging, but quantities are very limited. In fact, some of the discontinued products are single lures, so once that lure is sold there will be no more. All discontinued lures start with a 20% discount, and the discounts continue to build as you add lures to your cart.

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Due to production overruns we’re offering the following kits at 50% off retail value! Hurry, offer valid while overrun quantities last.» Comida Kit – Now only $7.68!
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