Make a great impression at your next fish fry with a Cajun Fryer

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Cajun FryerCooking with the Cajun Fryer made me feel like a professional chef. Pro fishing guide Jim Duckworth demonstrated the fryer to me at one of his outdoor writer camps. He has been cooking with them for some time. He takes great pride in cooking for his fishing industry friends when they visit him in Tennessee and it is the only cooker for him.

Design is the Difference

Duckworth wasted no time in explaining that the difference between the Cajun Fryer and other cookers was in the design. “The oil at the bottom never gets hotter than 120 degrees,” explained Duckworth. “The oil in the cooking part of the fryer will reach what ever temperature I need to cook anything I want.”

He was referring to the fact that the burner/flue is placed 6 inches above the bottom of the cooker. It is designed so the top of the flue/burner is an upside-down V-shape pointing directly upward. Since heat rises, the cooking chamber above the heat source is heated to the desired cooking temperature while the oil below will remain much cooler, leaving the dreg to be easily removed.

Cajun Fryer 1

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