Learning to Shoot Again – This Week on GUNTALK® Radio

Gun Talk Logo NEWIt’s a new program for injured veterans looking to get back into the shooting sports, new ideas for range grants and gun shows, and more, this week on Tom Gresham’s GUNTALK® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Rick Cicero has been a firearms instructor for 20 years, and also happens to be a combat injured double amputee “who refuses to quit”, says Cicero. Recently, Cicero began teaching other injured veterans to shoot, which has now evolved into a HAVA supported program with 13 NRA Certified instructors, all injured veterans themselves. This June, the program – Learn to Shoot Again – will be traveling the country inspiring other injured vets to get back out on the range, out hunting, etc. Cicero visits with Tom this week to explain the ins and outs of the program, and how people can get involved. 

Mayor Jack B. Tibbs, Jr., of Eufaula, Alabama, (http://www.eufaulalabama.com), drops by the show with a very enterprising idea for cities and towns across the US – using an NRA Range Development Grant to build a shooting range in an area that everyone – police, citizens and visitors – can use. The idea started with the need for a shooting range for the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association’s (SEOPA) annual conference. The mayor, together with SEOPA and NRA representatives, made it happen, and the conference’s shooting day was held at a brand new, fully-equipped shooting range.

Jim Rambin, a member of the non-profit group ArkLaTex Gun Collectors Association, stops by with info on a twist to their semiannual gun show: a Firearms & Family Expo to run adjacent to the show. On April 9th and 10th, the gun show (the 109th!) held at the Bossier Civic Center in Bossier City, LA, will have an expo running alongside it with videos, talks, and groups representing cowboy action shooting, State Police and the local Sheriff’s office, area gun ranges, pro-gun groups, youth shooters, and more for show-goers to interact with, to encourage education, support, and motivation for all that visit. Find out more at http://arklatexgunshows.com/new-events.html.

The Gun Facts project has been helping gun owners arm themselves with facts and debunk myths and propaganda for fifteen years. Created by Guy Smith, Gun Facts runs 100% on donations, including the current fundraiser at http://www.gunfacts.info/. During the annual fundraiser, patrons receive a reward for the donation. Smith visits with Tom this Sunday with a call for donations, and to also debunk the myth of the source of guns used in crimes. Watch Smith’s videos on YouTube here: https://youtube.com/c/GunfactsInfo.

This past week, Tom and a film crew spent some time in Mississippi with Student of the Gun hosts and trainers Paul and Jarrad Markel (http://www.studentofthegun.com/). Paul comes on GUNTALK on Sunday to discuss some of the day, including the emergency medical training, and why it’s so important for this kind of training to be on everyone’s To-Do list. Find some of the SOTG kits at http://www.studentofthegungear.com/

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