KINKAID LAKE BASS FISHINGUsually thought of as a muskie and largemouth bass lake, Kinkaid does have a growing population of smallmouth bass. Due to the heavy recreational boating traffic in summer, the best opportunity for catching a lunker on this lake comes in spring. The fish in this lake seem to be slow growing but they do live to ripe old ages.  The average largemouth is about 1.2 pounds and 13-inches in length.

The legal size keeper, either largemouth or smallmouth, must be over 18-inches in length.

Smallmouth bass introduced into the lake beginning in 2005 produced legal size fish over 18-inches in angler creels during 2012. An additional 5,500 smallies were released in 2013.  Fishing is good with the average fish in the population being about 8-inches in length and tipping the scales at .3 pounds.  Look for them in the areas between the new revetment and emerging weeds. Continue reading –