June Icebergs on Lake Superior

June Icebergs on Lake Superior 2DNR Marine Warden Amie Egstad eased up the power on her boat today to make a Friday afternoon round of what she thought would be routine commercial net checks on Lake Superior as the temperature hit the low 80s. But this wasn’t to be any ordinary patrol around the pond. No, this was going to be different… Who knew what was lurking in the waters ahead? (Cue the foghorn.)

OK, kill the foghorn. It wasn’t exactly a Titanic situation because the wardens actually saw it from a distance. Still, an icy mountain floating quietly and rather eerily in the middle of the mighty and sometimes moody Lake Superior was a dramatic sight. And, yes, since it was afternoon, the sun was up and there was no chance the wardens were about to ram this thing.

“We were on today’s commercial net check,” Warden Amie says. “And there was this big iceberg — along with other ice packs and bergs floating around backside of Madeline Island area east towards Saxon Harbor.” June Icebergs on Lake Superior

So, Warden Amie motored in for a closer look — and to document it with photographs of the winter that just … cannot… let… go.

But it’s June and it’s Free Fun Weekend in Wisconsin! Get out! Enjoy those state parks, fishing and ATV trails — for free! Pack a picnic and enjoy yourself. And if you’re heading to Lake Superior, pack an ice pick… and cue that foghorn.


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