Ish’s Phat Frog

Ish's Phat frog 1Our friends over at Snag Proof shared with us a product review done via Fish Sniffer angler group on the Ish’s Phat Frog. Sheldon Bright of Fish Sniffer sent this in – “Ish’s phat frog, Guntersville, the Bleeding series or Bobby’s perfect frog. Snag Proof has one heck of a new line up. My first thought after I was selected to do some (link to order) field testing was that I was going to have to doctor these frogs up when I get them. I was wrong. Glass rattles and added weights had already been placed in the frog, bonus!!!! I did do some trimming on the skirted legs, that’s a must in my book.

I couldn’t wait to test them out. 

So over the last 7 days I have been tossing my new frogs in and around the muck, sticks and heaviest cover just to test out these frogs durability, all I can say is wow!!!
I’ve lost count at the amount of blow up’s and fish I’ve caught in the last week out on the pond and down on the delta with these frogs, they still look new and held up quite well compared to other frogs out on the market. 

I’m impressed and will be ordering more soon. 

Thanks Snag Proof and thanks Fish Sniffer.”


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