How Weather Affects Ice Fishing

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2014 Fishidy Give AwayWinter has settled into Wisconsin and the Midwest for going on two months. It’s been a tough winter with about average snowfall, but temperatures have been way below normal with Arctic blasts coming through the state every week. The average temperature this winter has been below normal almost everyday and then at night we get a few inches of fluffy snow.

This has been one of the coldest winter’s that I can remember. A week ago, the Wisconsin River froze over where I live for the first time since 1996. The Wisconsin River rarely freezes over and was frozen across past the Highway 60 Bridge and very close to the Prairie du Sac Dam which I’ve never seen before in 25 years. The cold weather has been accompanied by a few days of high pressure and high blue skies. Rarely, have I had great success ice fishing with extreme cold weather followed by a high pressure system. Contiue reading….