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HOW TO BUILD FISH HOMESBuilding an underwater home for fish is a great way to attract crappie, perch, bluegill, catfish, white bass, and many other species of fish. Just be sure you check local laws before putting your fish home in public waters. If you own the land the water is on or it’s private water and you have permission go ahead and start construction.

Here’s how you build it. Go to your local lumber yard and buy some inexpensive 4-foot wooden stakes. Drive the stakes into the shallow lake or pond bottom about 6 inches apart until you have created a 4 x 8-foot fish home.

In deeper water, screw together in a moveable 4 x 4 structures, again about 6-inches apart, put them in your boat and wire concrete blocks to each end. When you reach the area you want to start your fish housing development drop them overboard putting about 6 to 8 structures in each area, one or two feet apart.

It won’t take fish long to start moving into their new home. Later on you can stop by for a visit and invite them to your house for dinner.

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