Help Grow Dan’s Fish ‘N’ Tales/Shoot ‘N’ Plink

Help Grow Dan's Fish 'N' Tales/Shoot 'N' Plink

A marketing firm said that I should actively seek subscriptions for my Dan’s Fish ‘N’ Tales®/Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ You Tube channel by posting the requested on Facebook and sharing it to various groups. I’ve always said I wouldn’t do it, but they said the channel would grow better, and be better for my company affiliations since You Tube would do more for the channel. I’ve got the viewers, but not the subscriptions. To me I feel that people in general ignore the subscriptions, and just view what they want to see. However, I guess I’ll try it. Sorry about this, but if you want to subscribe, or know of any others that might the address is Thanks.

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