FLW Highlight: 5 Best Smallmouth Destinations

5 Best Smallmouth DestinationsFall is the time of year to treat yourself to one last fishing excursion before the snowflakes start to fall. And if you’re going to take a fishing road trip amid a backdrop of autumn’s colorful foliage, it might as well be for fat, angry brown bass, right? Traditionally, fall is the season for busting big smallmouths and lots of them, so we put together a list of five of the best destinations, along with a quick guide on where to goand what to see while you’re there. So do yourself a favor and put down the bow, turn off the football, pack your rain gear and head off to one of these five great autumn smallmouth bass destinations.

Seriously, go right now, before it’s too late.

Dale Hollow Lake

Where to stay: Byrdstown, Tenn.

Best timeframe: late October through January

What to take: swimbaits, small casting jigs, drop-shots, jerkbaits and hair jigs.

Good eats: Check out Anchor Down Bar and Grille for a great casual dining experience located right in Byrdstown.

Don’t miss: Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park in Burkesville, Ky., offers golf, horseback riding, caving and many other activities.

There have probably been more smallmouths topping 8 pounds caught from Tennessee’s famed Dale Hollow Lake than from all the waterways in the rest of the country combined. From the mid-1960s through the ’90s, the Tennessee impoundment pumped out giant brown fish at an unprecedented rate. Continue reading  – http://www.flwfishing.com/tips/2015-11-06-5-best-smallmouth-destinations