Fishing The Midwest – Opening Day/Early Season Walleye Fishing is Here!

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Fishing seasons have opened in some Midwestern states, are open-year ’round in others, and Minnesota’s season opens this weekend! Much of the early season fishing in many areas of the Midwest is centered around walleyes. Walleyes are fun to catch, make great table fare, and spring is often “prime time” for catching them in many waters. This REEL-TIMES will center on spring walleye fishing and we’ll also have our first 2019 open-water fishing reports.

Additionally, we’ll give you a sneak peak at a new Fishing the Midwest boat and motor combination you may see on waters across the Midwest this spring. We’ll introduce a new sponsor and look at a reel we’ve been using that recently received an award.

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Lots to cover, so let’s get going! More from Fishing The Midwest