Fishing Strip Pit Area

Fishing Strip Pit AreaMy good friend and fishing buddy, Dr. Jim Nordquist, sent along a fishing report out of the Victoria, IL strip pit area. Jim said, “Despite the warm days prior and risk of thin ice, I ventured to the club to give it a try. Found 6 – 7″ of clear ice that was smooth like marble. Ice slightly thin at the edge but after that, no problems. Figured with the clarity the fish would see me coming for a mile and then go screaming into the depths. but they cooperated. Must have caught about 50 -60 ‘gills, but only 1/2 dozen of any size. About 4 nice crappies. Fish were shallower today, most caught at 10’ or less. Sun was out and was very pleasant day. Glad I went today, forecast for warmer weather over the next few days.”