Driving in “Big Water”…How I do it.

I run the Ranger 621 FS, which is a 21’ 10” beauty, and is rated for up to 350Hp motors. My 621 is powered by a Evinrude 300 G2, which is more than enough HP to reach speeds up to the mid to high 50’s. I am not as concerned with top end speed as I am with the mid-range torque, since there are few days where I can open it up, due to lake conditions, and powering up a wave with ease, is what I’m most concerned with.

Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, and the Western Basin is the shallowest of the entire lake.  With shallower water, comes the dangers of boat handling when the wind blows. Unlike deeper waters, shallow water creates waves that are closer together, and peak higher with lesser winds. 

It’s important to have a boat that can handle the conditions that the lake can throw at you, and for this reason, I run a Ranger.  There is one thing that Ranger does better than any other boat manufacturer, and that is, they fill the hull cavity with spray foam to completely cover every nook and cranny, which would keep the boat horizontal in the water in the event that it was to ever to fill with water. Most boats will not do that. Continue reading at Jul’s site: http://www.julswalleyefishingadventures.com/Blog.html?entry=driving-in-big-water-how

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