Destroying Sea Grass is a Dumb Idea

Anglers Of ConservationThere has been a major struggle going on to prevent the destruction of one of America’s most productive sea grass flats. This fight between watermen and government, a war to save an Indian River Lagoon spawning habitat, is a perfect example of how thoughtless projects waste taxpayers’ money. We could take up a lot of space telling you about all the money and time that has been wasted by people playing small-minded politics with this critical issue, but we doubt you want to hear it.

We will tell you about how snook, tarpon, spotted sea trout and a long list of other fishes we anglers target come to spawn at the site of the controversial Oslo Road Boat Ramp expansion project. We can tell you about how important sea grass is to the health of our fisheries. Or maybe we could expound on how the entire Indian River Lagoon has experienced a significant die-off of sea grass over the past several years, and how science suggests we should do everything possible to protect sea grass.
 An expansion of the Olso Road Boat Ramp (located on the west shore of the Indian River Lagoon, on the south end of Indian River County) will kill sea grasses and mangroves. It will not benefit anglers, fish, shrimp, birds, bottlenose dolphins, manatees, or a host of other important species.
 We suggest you attend an Indian River County Commissioner’s meeting September 9th, 16th or 23rd to voice your opinion on the importance of healthy sea grass. To get on the agenda, please call Dori Roy before noon on the Wednesday before the meeting: 772-567-8000, Ext. 1408. If you want to know more about how politicians have been playing small-minded politics with this critical issue checkout more!
The value of this type of project, one that increases the accessibility of boaters slightly, is minimal. But the damage done, destroying acres of sea grass and mangrove habitat will have a major negative impact on the health of the Indian River Lagoon and its surrounding marine life indefinitely.

Actions speak louder than words. Get outdoors!

Best Regards,
Rodney Smith, President
Anglers for Conservation