Dan’s Fish ‘N’ Tales Bait & Plano Rap


I just completed setting up my worm kit. Again I’m using the Plano Weekender, but this time with two Wraps and a 3600 Stowaway box.

One Wrap contains Natural Forage Baits RT7 (7″ ribbon tail) and R4 (4″ finesse) worms, in black/blue, June Bug and green pumpkinseed; and the other has BFishn Tackle 4″ Ringworms in electric blue, electric blue/pearl tail, June Bug, black/pearl tail, black/chartreuse tail, and orange/brown.

As for the 3600 box it contains an assortment of bullet sinkers and Xpoint Offset Worm and XGap hook, along with a few Daiichi Bleeding Bait Fat Gap hooks.

A third Plano Wrap, which will be by itself, contains an assortment of Blitz Lures LLC Finesse and Spyder jigs in white, black/blue, peanut butter-jelly, purple/red and black/chartreuse/pumpkinseed, along with Natural Forage Baits Mad Craws in black/blue fleck, green pumpkin and June Bug for trailers. The white jigs will be using some of the shad type bodies that are in the previously posted finger jigging kit.

Next will be arranging them in a Plano Duffle Tackle Bag, with a second Duffle Bag for hard baits such as my Blitz Blades and Rat-L-Traps, plus Blakemore Road Runners.

Until next time, get out on the water, and enjoy a great day of fishing.

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My little furry fishing buddy, Pepper, decided to help me open up a new Plano Duffle Tackle Bag that will be used to transport all of the previously posted Weedender kits. A second Duffle, which is the one I used last years as an all around bag, will be used for all of the hard baits (Blitz Lures LLC Blades and Phrogs, and Bill Lewis Outdoors Rat-L-Traps and new MR-6 crankbaits; and TTI-Blakemore Road Runner Lures.

Once unwrapped and fully investigated Pepper decided it made a nice pillow. Kind of hard, but we are talking about Pepper. Then again, he may have wanted to claim the bag as his, or he is going to keep a close I on it just in case I decide to pick it up and go fishing. No open water in this weather, Pepper.


I completed putting together my two Plano Duffle Tackle Bags for the upcoming open water season – one with Blitz Lures LLC Blades and Phrogs, and Rat-L-Trap crankbaits of different models, including the new MR6 and Echo; and the other bag with all of my Road Runner Lures, Blitz Jigs, Natural Forage Baits soft plastics, and BFishn Tackle jig heads and soft plastics. All of this was detailed in the prior posts.

Another thing that I will place in either of the bags where there is room is an assortment of Kick’n Bass Fish Attractants. This can get a bit messy, so here is a quick tip for making a good Kick’n Bass holder. I take a small 10 to 11 ounce size coffee can and put it inside of the bag. This will easily hold three 4-ounce bottles, with a little space to insert a 2-ounce bottle. With 3 to 4 bottles you will have a good assortment. My assortment consists of Java, Kick’n Crappie, Anise/Shad and Crawfish, which is a well rounded selection.

Until next time, get out on the water, and enjoy a great day of fishing.

This will be my new shoreline tackle storage. It is Plano‘s 3600 E-Series Backpack.

It is a compact size, but plenty of storage. Three 3650 Stowaway boxes come with the unit, but there is enough room to add more, unless you have other items, such as a camera, lunch and whatever else.

Along with the large compartment there are three other storage pouches – 2 zipper and one foldout. In one of the compartments there is another smaller zipper mesh compartment for small storage, such as a first aid kit or even a folded up fishing towel. The small top compartment has a fleece lining, which makes a good spot for a cellphone, or compact camera. On the sides there are more storage areas where a thermo cup could be carried. On the outside and inside spots are available to insert forceps, scissors and like items.

As for carrying, it has a padded back and straps, as well as a chest strap.

If the pack is off, and a quick carry is needed, or placing it in a small two-man bass boat, kayak or canoe, there is a top handle for this use.

This is perfect for me since I use Wraps and 3600 boxes in my Plano Duffle Tackle Bag. All I need to do is grab what I might want to take around a shoreline, or in a small boat, stick it in the 3600 Backpack, and I’m ready to go.

It could also be used by ice anglers.

The Plano E-Series Backpack is a very well thought out tackle carrying unit, with plenty of room for any sort of fishing. In fact, I can even put some treats and food in the bag for little furry fishing buddy, Pepper.

Until next time, get out on the water and have a great day of fishing.


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