Cold Steel

I tried out my new Cold Steel Mini Flight throwing knives for the first time, and was very happy with the way they performed. At 10 to 12 feet I was able to make so good sticks with a full spin on a fairly consistent basis (once I got the hold I wanted), and they did well at 7 to 10 feet on the no-spin technique. They worked on normal half-spin at 7 to 10 feet, but didn’t try military half-spin.

I’m starting to find that I’m liking the 10 to 11 inch models that have some weight, over the 12 inch models.

After throwing these I went to the United Cutlery Gil Hibben Pro X, which are 11″ with a little more weight, but had about the same results on full spin and no-spin.

Until next time, shoot safe, and have a great day of plinking.

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