Blitz Finesse Jig

Blitz Arkey Spyder Jigs 1 Fish can not resist the action of the Blitz Spyder Jig™! The Blitz Arkey Spyder Jig is available in either 1/4oz or 3/8oz with a silicon skirt and matching trailer in 6 fish attracting colors. When fish are on a tough bite, this bait drives Bass crazy! The  undulating action and packaged with a weedless hook allows you to fish this bait in the toughest areas.Features:
– Undulating action
– Strong Weed Guard
– Matching trailerBlitz Arkey Spyder Jigs 2
– 3/8 oz, 4/0 Mega Bite Mustad Hook, Arkey Head
– Hole-In-One Skirt with 2 Rattles

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