Blakemore Casey’s Runner Head And More

Marcum FF Ice 2017

Blakemore Casey's Runner Head And MoreFishing today was slow to say the least. I was able to catch a bass and have a few more hits on a Blakemore Casey’s Runner Head with a Natural Forage Baits Swim Bait as the body, and a dose of Kick’n Bass Fish Attractants Java.

The largest bass was hooked on a Blitz Lures LLC Spyder Jig with Natural Forage Baits Mad Craw as the trailer. He was hooked a long ways out, so had time to jump a few times and through the bait.

Most action was for bluegills on a TTI-Blakemore Slab Daddy. This little lure, combined with a crappie nibble, and fished under a Mr. Crappie weighted float, was allowed to bob along with the wave action. It also lured in a 10 pound plus catfish, which took a little time to get in on the 10-foot Berkley Crappie rod and 8 pound Nanofil line. Pepper got quite excited over the catfish, and almost ended up having a swim. The fish was as large as him in overall length and width.

Marcum FF Ice 2017