Bass Pro Shops 10′ Propane Distro Hose

Bass Pro Shops 10' Propane Distro Hose 3

Camping equipment can be all about flash and comfort, but remember you still need those utility items. ODU shops at Bass Pro Shops from time to time and getting the right equipment is important. On our two media trips this spring we needed extra hosing to hook-up our camp stoves and the choice was quite easy. BPS has a 10 foot propane Distro Hose, that was perfect. What stuck out to us right away was it’s length. Our other two hoses were both 6 and 8 feet and the extra length allowed us to get a little creative with our camp kitchen set-ups. We are not materials guys, but the hose is constructed sturdy and we expect not to replace this hose until one of us makes a mistake in breaking it on our own or just plan losing it. Great job to BPS to having this product produced for it’s customers.

At $29.99, it is all value!

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Bass Pro Shops 10' Propane Distro Hose