Bass Fishing Has Healing Affects

Fish Lake Guntersville Guide ServiceToday’s busy world and today’s busy people need a way to rest their mind, to look to tomorrow with a clear head and continue when times and days are tough. Many of us today use bass fishing as their way out, a means to the end of the tough world we live in and a way to cope with the never ending strain of daily life.


I know that many look at the bass fishing industry as an expensive way to have a little fun to make big boys spend lots of money on big toys; but too many of us, it is a relaxing way to forget the tough times and move forward with a clear head. When you’re on the water problems go away, your past is behind you and fishing soothes what taunts you and gives you a sense of personal freedom and release from daily routines.

As a guide I put all kinds of personalities in the boat with me, the sick, the disabled and all in-between but one thing that is common among the many I serve everyday that is the pure fact that watching someone catch a fish changes their day and soothes their mind. It doesn’t matter if they are 10 or 70 years of age the change to a person pulling in a bass is as noticeable as the person who has found an old friend or renewed an old relationship or found the Lord; it just makes them enjoy the moment. If you want to see a child smile or see a vet of our armed services smile when he has a past that haunts him, watch them change when their pulling in a big bass. The sense of pride, of ownership and self respect just lights up all over a fisherman and it is what drives me at my age to continue to bring great people fishing every day. It is a joy that I cannot explain, but I can tell you this anyone and everyone can see the joy of fishing they just have to get in the boat with you and you will see it!