AT GSG STG-44 $50 Customer Rebate

AT GSG STG-44 $50 Customer RebateFrom Feb. 1, 2014 through May 31, 2014, American Tactical is offering a $50 rebate on the purchase of a new GSG STG-44. The program is designed to boost sales at the dealer level and as a thank you to American Tactical customers. Here is how the program works. 1. Consumer purchases any new GSG STG-44 firearm between Feb. 1, 2014 through May 31, 2014. 2. They provide a copy of their purchase receipt AND their 4473 to American Tactical. 3. They fill out a paper application provided by dealer or the online application form at 4. American Tactical will process and send out a rebate of $50 to the consumer.

American Tactical is one of the nation’s top importers of firearms and firearm related products. Having created a unique channel of distribution, American Tactical has quickly become a single-source distribution provider for many manufacturers across the world. From its signature German Sports Guns (GSG) family of products, accessory lines like Drago Gear® and manufacturing its own line of AR-15 complete rifles and components, American Tactical continues to be a leader in the industry.