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ODU Magazine - November-December 2018 Edition

Our fishing publications focus the editorial content on many of the major freshwater and saltwater species, i.e. bass, crappie, catfish, muskie, striper, fresh and saltwater trout, tuna, sail and marlin fishing, etc. Occasionally we will add articles on various conservation issues, and sometimes a little about boats, motors, electronics and new-product reviews.

Our news sources cover topics in freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, guns, and hunting archery. These news sources give our growing readership daily access to what is going on the outdoor world. From fishing tips to great catches, the newest lures to the best fishing spots, hunting equipment to the newest guns and great hunts to sport shooting are all covered daily.

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Excellence in Craft Winners Honored
3rd Place: Bill Vanderford
“The Future of Fishing in Our Country”
ODU Magazine – March 2014

3rd Place: Larry Thornhill
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