A new tool for the lake trolling tool box

Caption: L.C. Brooks, A.K.A Dr. Sebago and his summer of 2016 with the Sebago rig

Rarely do you find an angler who fishes as much as they would like. Many of us look forward to retirement as the time we will take all our on the water knowledge and hone it to perfection while treating every day like its Saturday. When that day comes, we all want to be ready. We want to have tested all the products of the trade and know what works where and how it to use it. For all those trolling anglers, one product you need add to your fishing “bucket list” to test is the Sebago Trolling rig by the legendary American fishing lure brand, Al’s Goldfish Lure co. 

The Sebago rigs are named after the deepest cold water lake in Maine, Sebago lake, the home of trophy trout and salmon. One of the last 100% American made lake trolls, it’s unique in several ways. For example it features the one of a kind 4” Sebago A blade, which has a rounded end where it attaches to the rig, a willow leaf tip and creates intense vibration signal to go along with the brilliant flash. The rig is also unique in that it is actually 5 detachable 5” sections connected with snap swivels. This allows for you to adjust your rig size up and down to the conditions and depth you are fishing. Made with rigid forming wire instead of cable, 5 snap swivels, over 35 clevises and beads, there are over 40 pieces that can rotate eliminating the need for a rudder. American made, unique blades, adjustable size and no rudder. When’s the last time you got that from a trolling rig?

Like all fishing products worth having, they have to work, and no one can attest like the serious angler, so enter L.C. Brooks. A retired FBI agent from Utah that is so committed to the rig, he has taken the nickname “Dr. Sebago” and buys the rigs in bunches to make sure everyone in his fishing clubs have easy access to them.  His favorite techniques? Depends on the day. He’ll run just the A blade section with a 2 foot leader and a night crawler in shallow water, then increase lengths as he goes deeper. For 30-50 feet he’ll run the A and B blade sections with the leader and a crawler, trolling lure or sewed on minnow. At times he may also run just 2 A blade sections to generate a cam action. When he goes real deep he’ll run the full 25” rig.  His target is to always be above the school to allow a clean line of sight.  The core of his technique hits 4 of the critical 5 elements when targeting lunkers; water column, flash, vibration and scent.  Never does he need or use a rudder and according to him, he out fishes everyone on the lake. While that may be a fishing story, when it comes from a G-Man who backs it up with endless pictures, it tends to be very believable.

About Al’s Goldfish Lure Co: One of the oldest fishing lure manufacturers still producing in the USA, Al’s was a founder of the post-world war II fishing lure boom. The Al’s Goldfish Lure became one of the most popular lures ever produced being featured on the first nationally syndicated fishing show, “The Flying Fisherman” with R.V. Gadabout Gaddis. The lures universal success, popularity and success lead to it being named by Field & Stream as one of the 50 Greatest lures all time and 10 Best trout lures all time. Today Al’s continues to make a series of unique, simple and effective fishing products including the recent release of the industries premium, chip resistant real image lures and the Bob Christopher special edition Goldfish series. To find out more or buy products, visit www.alsgoldfish.com or www.facebook.com/alsgoldfish.