A Little Gun Rap From Dan – Part 61

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A Little Gun Rap From Dan – Part 61My grandfather McCullough always hung on to all sorts of junk – in case it would be needed someday. Well, I’m the same sort, and always picking up something, then having to store it until it is needed – if I can find it. Just ask Rob Meyers who stepped into part of my massive web of “stuff”.

Today I got into some of the bits and pieces of wood and posts that I’ve saved and built a new knife throwing target backboard. I also was able to find some long bolts I had stashed away in a shed, and screw those into the heavy boards that had pre-drilled holes for picnic tables. These bolts will be for holding the “rounds” cut from stumps for targets.

The whole thing, with heavy posts tightened together (shown in photo of the backside), and the thick boards screwed to the front part, is thick enough to stop some heavy caliber ammo.

One idea that I had for the long board is to help stop any stray throws that may go too high or low, especially if I’m trying to train someone, or my arthritis locks up one of my fingers to throw off my grip.

I also laid out a 18′ walkway of 3’x3′ squares that are made out of some sort of ballistic rubber for the knives to land on when bouncing back. When has bounced and a tip has stuck in these mats in the past it barely penetrates, but dose stick the knife straight up. This is normally only the very sharp points like a Kunai.

I’m not sure if Adam Čeladín would like it, but for me it should work.

Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking.


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