A Little Gun Rap From Dan – Part 18

Gun Rap covers Gamo, Umarex, American Tactical a quality Rugar pistol to consider. A couple weeks ago I was showing and telling about the “plinking rack” that I made with toilet paper roll inserts in the kitchen. Today I used it for plinking with my Gamo Outdoor USA Swarm and Umarex USA, Inc. NXG pellet guns. I was pleasant surprised at the results.

Most of the time if you think of American Tactical you think of the very popular Firefly 22 cal pistol. However, ATI also has airguns. Here is a link to one for all of you that wants to shoot a tactical air rifle. https://www.americantactical.us/5869/detail.html

For those of you who want a 9mm pistol for your CCW, or for target shooting Ruger may have the answer. It is the new LC9S in the 3270 model, which has adjustable fiber optic sites. The trigger is also new in that it is a striker system, which produces a shorter trigger pull leading to better accuracy.

I’m anxious to give this one a try, and should be receiving one soon. So after having a chance to shoot I’ll be telling you more, as well as having a video.

So stay tuned for reports on the LC9S and LCPII.