A Little Gun Rap From Dan (Multi-Post) – Part 65

I went out with the idea of just shooting my new Browning Buck Mark Medallion, but also took along the Henry Repeating Arms Small Game Carbine with Skinner Sights peep sight.

Both guns were shot at the target in the photo from 10 meters, 15 yards and 25 yards. All of the direct center bullseye hits are from the Henry with the Skinner sight. All of the hits in the outer part of the 2-inch center, 4-inch black area, and outside came from the Buck Mark.

The Buck Mark did best at 10 meters and shorter, with a fair rating at 15 yards. It hit paper at 25 yards, with all rounds – several within the 8-inch circle, and a few outside.

Out of fairness to the Buck Mark I was shooting freestanding in 30 to 40 mph wind, so was even surprised that the Henry did as well as it did. Then again, I’ve always said that if it has a Skinner Sights peep it will hit whatever is being aimed at.

A video will eventually be filmed with the Buck Mark Medallion.

Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking.

A video that is a combination of target shooting and plinking with a Gamo Outdoor USA Swarm shooting H&N Sniper 177 pellets. https://youtu.be/hVLKKJFYnEk

One of my latest videos, which uses the Gamo Outdoor USA Swarm to shoot “plinking blocks”. https://youtu.be/1b6FSmqbZcU


This is my new Browning Buck Mark Medallion. It will be one of the upcoming projects for Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ magazine column and videos.

I had a Buck Mark Practical Plus, which had a rail to add the Buck Mark Reflex sight. The Medallion is strictly open fiber optic iron sights.

It is a very pretty gun, even more so that the photo on the Browning website.

Stay tuned for further information.

Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking.