A Little Gun Rap From Dan (Multi-Post) – Part 60

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A couple of weeks ago I did a controlled shoot on the American Tactical Nova Freedom, where I pumped it to the maximum and fired as many rounds as it would put out effectively. At that time I promised to do the same with the ATI Nova Liberty.

Tonight, using my Umarex USA, Inc. PCP hand pump I placed 60 pumps into the tank. You know when the maximum (4500 psi) has been reached as you can not push the pump any further. In fact, you do not want to try pushing it as it can damage the pump and guns seals.

It was 69° in the house, and, of course, no wind.

I used the single shot adapter, and fired it on the low velocity setting, which is around 700 fps.

For a sight I used the OTW Red/Green dot on green. It seems like there is something wrong with the red, as there is definitely a difference between the two on accuracy.

The Liberty is a heavy gun, and gets more so when shooting free standing, and loading one round at a time.

I actually got tired of shooting, as 160 rounds were fired at the 3 targets on the paper. There was no more bullseyes to aim at by the end.

The last 5 rounds could be heard to be a little weak, but still hitting the target. I know when the 160th bounced back half the way of the 10 yards from which I was shooting it was starting to taper off. So, that is where I quit.

For those who have asked about this since I first acquired the Liberty, now you know. Next test will be at high velocity of 1,000 fps. I’ll do that next time I can find some free time.

I’m definitely glad I didn’t film a video on this. It seemed to have lasted forever. At least I finally got some shooting time around all of my fishing pro staff stuff and article deadlines I’ve been doing.

Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking.

Some time back David Strother of the Air Rifle & Pistol Target Shooting group suggested that I get a Air Venturi Pellet Pin to load the Gamo Outdoor USA Accu 177. However, that won’t work since it is a “cocking lever” rather than a break barrel, plus it has a curved area to the rotating loading breech.

I have Umarex USA, Inc. Trevox and Buck Mark pistols, and American Tactical Nova AT-97 Elite Sniper rifle, which are break barrels. So, the other day I decided to purchase two pens – one for 22 and the other for .177 pellets.

These should work nicely, and I’m anxious to give them a try. I’m sure you will be seeing them in a Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ video and magazine column.

Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking.

This is an excellent video for beginners and intermediates in knife throwing from World Champion Adam Čeladín. This is one that I’ve also saved to the Dan’s Fish ‘N’ Tales®/Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ playlist. I really don’t think you can watch any of Adam’s videos without learning something.

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