A Little Gun Rap From Dan (Multi-Post) – Part 52

A Little Gun Rap From Dan (Multi-Post) – Part 52After switching the Browning Buck Mark Reflex Sight back and forth from several air and powder guns it was a bit off for the Umarex USA, Inc. Browning Buck Mark replica. So, I had to do some sighting in today at 7 yards, using some used repaired targets.

After getting the gun hitting at 7, I drilled out the centers on targets shooting from 7 yards and 10 meters. Yes, I have yard and meter lines because of the way my backyard range is set up. I have my back against my Ranger Boats 362 bass boat for the 10 meter mark. I also had a 25 yard lane, but that has been torn out until I can get the privacy fence extended further at the back of the yard. At the moment there is only enough fence to conceal the knife throwing area up to 7 yards, which can be used for a short air gun lane.

Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking.

Yesterday I filmed a video with the American Tactical Freedom PCP 177 pellet rifle shooting at 50 yards, which didn’t work all that great. So, it was moved up to 40 yards.

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This is the newest video on the American Tactical Nova Liberty PCP, which I’m shooting in the 22 caliber version at 50 yards. I use the Umarex USA, Inc. PCP pump to fill it up, which isn’t all that bad. I don’t bleed out all of the air, and then pump about 20 pumps and pause. This needs to be done so that the tank and pump don’t overheat, but also gives the person a break.


This is also the first video to use the new Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ open and close.

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Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ will soon be testing out the new BattleTek Green Laser Sight from Sightmark and Firefield. I’ll be using it on air and powder pistols, so stay tuned for postings, articles and videos.

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