A Little Gun Rap From Dan (Multi-Post) – Part 44

The next project for the Umarex USA, Inc. Browning Buck Mark break barrel pellet pistol is to add the Axeon Red Dot scope. I’m sure this will increase the accuracy of the already accurate pistol. Stay tuned for the video and article regarding this great combination.

Today I started a 4 part video series on the Umarex USA, Inc. C02 powered Morph 3X. This one is the assembly of the pistol to rifle BB airgun. The following videos, which are yet to be filmed will be shooting the pistol, then long barrel pistol, and finally the full stock rifle. I’m anxious to work with this unit.


I filmed the first review of the Umarex USA, Inc. Browning Buck Mark, and am quite pleased with the gun. I’m sure it will get more accurate, but plan on making it more so with the Umarex Axeon red dot scope and RWS Power Ball pellets.

I was asked by a Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ viewer to shoot free-standing at 7 yards with the Umarex USA, Inc. Browning Buck Mark and Axeon Optics RD scope to shoot this video.