A Little Gun Rap From Dan (Multi-Post) – Part 42

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Crosman 1077, Umarex USA, Inc. and Gamo Outdoor USA Accu 177 covered by Dan here. This is a tip for recycling old paper targets for small bore and airgun shooters. https://youtu.be/O4Ce3kWOGJg

I pulled out my old Crosman 1077 to shoot it in Shoot ‘N’ Plink’s™ 10 meter airgun series of videos. It did a great job – holding its own against all the newcomers.https://youtu.be/8LKD1Fm7Gn4

I’m shooting one of my favorite old airguns, the Umarex USA, Inc. NXG multi-pump rifle, to include in the 10 meter series of the Shoot ‘N’ Plink™ videos. https://youtu.be/DpykUaMPe1k

Another video in the 10 meter shoot series. This time it is using the Gamo Outdoor USA Accu 177. https://youtu.be/nnjqWFNKt1Y