5 Second Storage Trick for a Tangle-Free Rod (Bobber Bites-video)

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Casting CarterDo your rods ever get tangled together? Here is a super easy, free trick that is perfect for anglers of all ages, especially co-anglers! Casting Carter shows you how to spend 5 seconds to keep your rods tangle-free – always – into today’s Bobber Bite. For more tips and tricks, visit www.kidinoutdoors.com.

Carter’s story – 

Most kids grow up dreaming of birthday and holiday presents from the Toys R Us catalog. Not me. If I beat Dad home, I call dibs on the Bass Pro or Cabelas catalog and will sit for hours picking out my wishlist. 

When I learned to read, I didn’t want to stick with “See Spot Run.” I wanted to make sure that the Bassmaster Magazine was within my capability!

I was born in New England, which means that my fishing season is limited to only a few months of the year on actual water. The other months of the year we wait for thick enough ice and bundle up. Now THAT’S dedication right there.

I hate to shop, but I did celebrate when they opened a Bass Pro Shop close to my home. Dad and I get lost in there sometimes, and Mom is pretty sure my first job will be there as soon as I am old enough to work.

 Casting Carter is my next big thing – I hope to have my own fishing show someday!