2.5 Mag Lip Is Perfect For Trout

2.5 Mag Lip Is Perfect For TroutThe Yakima 2.5 Mag Lip is perfect for fishing trout in natural lakes, the Great Lakes and also rivers. This bait has a strong natural dive profile and will dive up to 13 feet when fished on 10# test line. For fishing in lakes the 2.5 Mag Lip can be trolled as a flat line or fished in combination with in-line planer boards to gain more outward reach and to stack multiple lines per side of the boat.

In rivers, the Mag Lip can be fished from a drift boat “drop back” style or rigged with in-line boards to fish log jams, undercut banks and other areas it would be tough to cast into. The Mag Lip 2.5 can also be trolled upstream to cover flats, outside bends and other places trout concentrate.

2.5 Mag Lip Is Perfect For Trout For deeper water applications weight can be added to the line to fish the 2.5 even deeper. Slide a bead onto the main line, then slide a small barrel swivel onto the line. Tie a second barrel swivel at the terminal end and then add in about six feet of eight to 10 pound test fluorocarbon as a leader. Tie the Mag Lip’s cross lok snap to the end of the fluorocarbon leader. Finish the rig by tying in a 8 to 12 inch monofilament dropper to the sliding swivel with a barrel sinker tied to the end of the dropper. This popular rig allows anglers to fish small profile baits like the Mag Lip in deep water.

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The Mag Lip can also be fished in combination with downriggers or diving planers for targeting trout in even deeper water.