17-Year-Old Lands 693-Pound Swordfish

17-Year-Old Lands 693-Pound Swordfish 1 Adam Satter became a man on Monday. According to WPTV West Palm Beach, the 17-year-old local reeled in a 693-pound swordfish while trolling the waters 30 miles off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. Satter and his father weighed the giant beast and put in paperwork to see if the catch is viable for a world record.

Exactly which record Satter is going for remains unclear, but it’s likely an age- or tackle-based benchmark he’s hoping to break, as the International Game Fish Association lists the record weight for swordfish caught as 1,182 pounds.

Regardless, this young man caught himself a monument among billfish.

Satter told WPTV that Monday was only his second time trying to catch swordfish. It’s also reported that he and his father carved up the leviathan shortly after weighing and handed out swordfish steaks to onlookers at the dock. 

Considering swordfish meat can sell for $20 a pound and more, Satter’s catch could turn a hefty profit at the market. 

Or he and his family can freeze the rest and live off swordfish for the next two years. I can imagine worse things in life. Source Beacher Report

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17-Year-Old Lands 693-Pound Swordfish 2