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Brian Koshenina with his dad


Hello, my name is Brian Koshenina, owner of Muskies and More Guide Service and co-host of the Outdoors and More Show. I started fishing at a real young age by my father’s side. I was the kid sitting at the dock who didn’t want to come home when the fish were bitting. I had many great outdoor experiences when I was young,fishing, hunting and camping especially with my dad John. It was through him that my passion for the outdoors started to grow. After highschool I started to fish local circuit Walleye and Bass tournaments. It was then that my knowledge for fishing grew and I began teaching others the sucessful methods I had learned. Then my whole fishing world turned upside down when I was introduced to Musky fishing. I couldn’t believe that people actually targeted these fish! On my very first trip I boated 4 of the biggest freshwater fish I had ever seen. That day became the single best day of fishing in my life. Nothing compares to the fight of a Musky. The sheer power of these fish leaves you with an adrenalin rush second to none. Through my ability to locate and catch fish I decieded to start guiding. I started Muskies and More Guide Service as a way to share my passion with others. I provide instructions for easy to use techniques that can be applied to almost any lake that one might fish. I also believe that a fishing trip isn’t just about catching fish rather a way to get away for awhile and relax. I also share my passion as a co-host of a weekly radio show called “The Outdoors and More Show”. The shows premise is based on family, friends and the outdoors. Our slogan is “Go make a memory”. I believe that a memory can be made every single time you paricipate in a outdoor activity. I also devote a lot of my time as a mentor with “Simply Outdoor Experiences”. I believe that we must give back in some way, as a “way to thank those who helped us get to where we are now”. I do this through volunteering. I have tournament fished, fished all over the United States, guided 100’s of people fishing, given seminars, mentored young adults, written articles, co- host a radio show, harvested several animals with bow and rifle,duck hunted, caught hundreds of Musky but all of that doesn’t mean anything unless I can teach and share my passion with others.,,,

Brian Koshenina
FISHING TYPE: Freshwater
PRIMARY SPECIES: Muskie, Bass, Panfish, Walleyes
SPECIALTIES: Muskie and Bass fishing, Ice Fishing, Top water, Fish Location

Brian Koshenina, of St. Paul, MN, is one of the most experienced anglers in the Twin Cities area. Brian is a  true ”Teacher” in  the sport of fishing and he loves to share his passion with others. Muskies are his specialty but he is also a great multi-species fisherman.

Co-Host of The Outdoors and More Show on KNSI Radio, St. Cloud Minnesota

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