16-foot python captured in the Everglades — nearly record size

16-foot python captured in the Everglades — nearly record sizeMaimi Herals Reported First – A 16-foot Burmese python — one of Florida’s largest ever — was found in the Everglades on Sunday morning. Everglades conservationist Ron Bergeron retrieved the 165-pound snake from beneath a home in Possum Head Camp. Bergeron, who calls himself “Alligator Ron,” removed the 16-foot, 1-inch female snake along with its nearly 50 hatching eggs.

Brian Van Landingham and Frank Branca, two men in the camp, spotted the python and called Bergeron, who was filming an educational video in Alligator Alley four miles north. Bergeron hopped onto his airboat and traveled to the scene. About one-third of python eggs mature to adulthood.

The python was just short of the 17-foot snake discovered in Cypress National Preserve in April, the longest found in the preserve. But Sunday’s catch was 25 pounds heavier than April’s record-setting python. Continue reading – https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article232406607.html