Using Your EyePal® Tips from the Pros

Picasso Lures - Shock Blade

How do I attach the Eye-Pal to my glasses?

Simply open the top of a well and remove the EyePal® being careful not to drop it. Press the Eye-Pal® onto the clean lens of the glasses. The image above shows a right-handed shooter with an EyePal® located near the bridge of his glasses. Note that the cheek is resting on the comb of the stock. This will put the Eye Pal® in the proper location. It may take a few relocation moves to find your sight-line. Thereafter, you will find it’s second nature to always place the Eye-Pal® in the same location.

Can I use the EyePal® with a handgun?

Yes. The handgun sights are well within the depth of focus provided by the EyePal®. Your particular stance will determine the ultimate location of the EyePal® on your eyeglasses.  Read more….

Picasso Lures - Shock Blade